Wednesday, 26 June 2013

7 Commercial Weight Loss Programs to Join or get Motivation

 He couldn’t have loss 122 lbs so easily without the motivation and drive. Ever since 2004, commercially broadcast weight loss programs have greatly helped people remove highly level of fat faster than you think. It’s so fun to watch! Of course, not everyone will have the opportunity of being featured at such programs, but you can definitely make it a date to keep updated to learn  the story of others out there. We’ve one time got motivated by other people experiences, you can be sure to have it happen again. The reality show programs have, in many ways, proven effective with the expert supervision and commitment. I have heard people watching, at home with excellent comments on how the programs have helped them meet their weight loss target.

So, here are the TV shows and the immediate channel to watch them.

1. The Biggest Losers (NBC):
2. Weighing In (The Food Network):
3. Celebrity Fit Club
4. Dance Your Ass off (Oxygen)
5. Supersize vs Superskinny (Channel 4 - UK)
6. You Are What You Eat (Channel 4)
7. Honey, We’re Killing The Kids (BBC)
8. Taking It Off – Season 4 (Life Network & Discovery Health - Canada)

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