Friday, 7 December 2012

What are Calories Intake in Most Nigeria Food?

Having a good knowledge of the calories of most Nigerian food intake can in diverse ways help you monitor your weight lose progress; you will be able to sustain the diet weight loss better. The piece of information is to give the breakdown of calories that is present in most food  in Nigeria. By the end you will learn how to eat on purpose and be able to determine the amount of weight you take in indirectly; it will also aid your weight loss plan.

The calories is essentially  estimated using cups (usually evaporated peak milk tin). For example, if you intend to eat a 2000 cal per day, then you take a proper measure of the food of choice likewise the number of the tin. It is important to take note of other additives included in the making – maggi, palm or vegetable oil.

Here is the food calorie intake:

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A 1 (one) cup, of about 186.0g) contains 242 cal.

1 cup containing 171.0g will supply 245 calories intake.

This will supply about 158 calories with a 1 cubes of yam( 136g)

It gives about 144 calories with a 2 -1/4 tube

The plantain fried with vegetable oil  contain 75 calories in a 1oz of 28g

This contains 69 cal and in a 1 slice of about 28g.

The calories that is present in aba is about 400 calories per serving of 100g plate full.

A typical Nigeria egusi soup without much additives will supply your body with 462 calories per serving.

Moi – moi
In one wrap of moi-moi containing the following ingredients;
Beans White – ½ cup :189 calories, 1/5 teaspoon of curry powder: 1 calories
Salt, 1tbsp: 0calories
Groundnut oil, ½ tbsp.: 60 cal
Onion, ¼ slice: 16 cal
Maggi cubes x 1: 5 calories


  1. the tin cup, is it before cooking or after

  2. The tin measurements are before cooking because this is the only way you can adequately monitor your weight loss goals.