Monday, 3 December 2012

Answered! - Top Weight Loss Questions

There are lot of questions asked daily on how to loss weight fast and prevent its regain. The following are list of well researched questions and answers as presented by the experts.

Q1:What Steps Should I Take to Lose Weight?

A:You need to actually decide and define your goal clearly. Is it that you want to permanently burn out the fat or putting it on probation. Secondly, a good education is important towards burning the excess fat. There are tons of information online to educate you for best result. Finally formulate a structural weight plan with your doctor and get adequate follow up.

Q2: What Type of Exercise is The Best?

A2:The simplest exercise that we all engage daily is walking. This could be effective in dealing with excess fat when adopted as an exercise. It does not really matter what type of physical activities you perform, they are all beneficial.

Q3: How Much Exercise Should I Do?

A:According to a research conducted by health expert, that anybody can significantly gain health benefits by merely exercising for 30 minutes or mor of physical activity per day. They suggested 30 munite of moderately intensive exercise on most and preferably all days of week. If you are begining to lose weight, the best way to go is to start with less strenous activities such as walking or swiming at a confortable pace. The advatage of starting slow at first is to make you physically fit without straining your body. And once you are in a better shape, you can gradually do more of vigorous exercise.

Q4: How Many Calories Can I Lose With Certain Exercise?

A4: Calories burned during exercise is influenced by body weight, work out intensity, conditioning level and metabolism

Q5.What are the Problems Related to OverWeight?

A5: Being overweight is linked to a numbeer of health related problems, including the following:
a.Breating Problems
c. Cancer
e.Gallbladder and gallstones diseases
f. Heart disease
g. High blood pressure
h. Osteoarthritis
g. Gout

Q6: Is any fat healthy?

A:Nutrition experts suggest that most people with the sign of fatness should take a cautionary measure by eating less fat than they currently do. Whenever you do eat fat, it must be unsaturated fat - Nuts, Vegetables sources (olive oil) and grains.

Q7:What is "Yo - Yo" dieting?

A:It is simply weight cycling. A repeated loss and regain of body weight. According to experts, weight cycling may be harmful to your health. You may eventually regain fat instead of muscle which can slow down future weight loss efforts. In other words, it is better to stay at one weight than cycling. However, there is no scientific backing to support these claims.

Q8: How do I Stop "yo-yo" dieting?

A: The simple answer to this question is determination. You can actively lose unwanted fat and maintain it. Set a realistic weight loss plan, make your goal fair and reasonable, such as losing 1 to 2 pounds per week. Most people that slowly lose weight by eating less and exercising more, tend to keep off the lost weight. Eat fewer calories by cutting down on protion or decreasing the total amount of fat you eat to 30% or less of total daily calories.

Q9: What Prescription Medicine are Good to treat weight gain?

A:Currently, the most available weight loss medication approved by the FDA are for short-term and fewer long term. The mainly available weight loss medication are appetite suppresant drugs. They generally come in the form of tablets. They can be obtain directly from doctor or order online. The role of suppresant is to increase the blood concentration of the appetite regulating the hormone leptins. The most common known suppresant is Phentermine. It is considered  to suppress appetite by triggering the release of brain chemicals

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